1. Below is a list of available tech-support representatives in USAO's IT Department.
2. Click on the name of the representative that you would like to work with.
3. This will prompt your browser to download a small executable file to your computer.
4. Run/open the downloaded file to start the remote support session.


1 - Adeel Siddiqui
2 - Tom Coker
Other ways to request tech-support from USAO's IT Department:

* Email: ithelpdesk@usao.edu

This automatically creates a ticket for your issue in our ticketing software. This prompts an immediate response on our part since the ticketing system software immediately and simultaneously alerts all of us in the IT office, and someone from our office can be instantly (or very quickly within reason) assigned to the ticket to take care of the issue.
NOTE: This method is our preferred method of being contacted for all tech-support issues.

* Phone: 405-224-3140 (or press 0 from any on-campus telephone landline)

This will call the USAO operator (who may also serve as the Administrative Assistant for the IT department).
NOTE: For tech-support issues, please refrain from directly calling one of the staff/technicians in the IT office. Instead, either call the operator, or send an email to ithelpdesk@usao.edu

* In person: Austin Hall, room 113

You can walk in to the IT office and report your issue.
NOTE: Please refrain from reporting your issue directly to the technicians. Instead, let the work-study at the front desk know what the issue is, and they can create a ticket for the issue. If there is not a work-study sitting at the front desk, then please report your issue to one of the staff members in the IT department.
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